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Artemis XT Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Billboard

The Artemis XT LED billboard is the fourth generation of outdoor LED display screen used for middle and high-end fixed installation.

Development History
Generation Time Achievement
1st generation 2009
2nd generation 2010 Heat dissipation improvement
3rd generation 2011 Maintenance and flatness improvement
4th generation Current Signal and power transmission improvement

Characteristics of the Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Billboard
1. High Reliability and Durability
The bottom of its cabinet adopts high-precision die-cast aluminum, featuring fast heat dissipation and low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, it is designed without a fan. Tile data and power transmission adopt star connection and reduce transmission links so as to lower the risk of failure occurrence.

2. Good Performance
The housing of the HD LED billboard is characterized by high contrast, light diffusion, and flame resistance. The housing of the cabinet is designed with stormwater channel. High-precision structural design allows the ultra thin LED display to have no mosaic. The module dissipates heat uniformly to extend the lifespan of the product.

3. Light Weight
The minimum weight of the high protection screen reaches 38kg/m2.

4. Ultra Low Thickness
With a power box, the LED billboard cabinet is 178m thick. Its mounting thickness reaches 138mm.

5. Suitable for Curved Installation
The installation method can be suited for an outdoor full color advertising screen with its minimum radius of 6mm.

6. Low Power Consumption
The power consumption of Nichia LED is 380W/m2. The power consumption of domestic LED reaches 470W/m2 at 6000Nits.

Flexibly Formed Standard Module Design
Four types of standard module design can be flexibly formed into various sizes of outdoor fixed installation LED billboard.

Module Size 320mm
4x3 Module 1280x960mm
3x3 Module 960x960mm
4x2 Module 1280x640mm
3x2 Module 960x640mm
Technical Parameters of the Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Billboard
Model Artemis ×T 8 Artemis ×T 10 Artemis ×T 12.3 Artemis ×T 16 Artemis ×T 20
Pixel Pitch 8 10 12.3 16 20
Brightness >6000 >6000 >6500 >6500 >6500
Pixel Density 15625 10000 6602 3906 2500
Viewing angle (@50% brightness) H120°/V120° H120°/V120° H120°/V120° H120°/V60° H120°/V60°
Optimized Viewing Distance ≥8m ≥10m ≥12.3m ≥16m ≥20m
Module Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 30×30 24×24 26×26 20×20 16×16
Module Size in mm (W×H) 240×240 240×240 320×320 320×320 320×320
Panel Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 120×120 96×96 104×78 80×60 64×48
Panel size in mm (W×H) 960×960 960×960 1280×960 1280×960 1280×960
Weight/Panel (kg) 40/33 40/33 55/45 55/45 55/45
Cabinet Material Steel/Aluminum Steel/Aluminum Steel/Aluminum Steel/Aluminum Steel/Aluminum
Refresh Rate 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz 800~4800Hz
Frame Frequency 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Color Temperature 3200K~9300K 3200K~9300K 3200K~9300K 3200K~9300K 3200K~9300K
Storage of Calibration Data Module Module Module Module Module
Drive Mode 1/4 1/2 1/4 1/2 Static
IP Rating IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43
Maintenance Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear
Lifetime 100000Hrs 100000Hrs
Power Supply 100V/240V 100V/240V 100V/240V 100V/240V 100V/240V
Average Power Consumption 227 226 209 206 204
Max. Power Consumption 650 645 596 590 584
Heat Dissipation Without fans Without fans Without fans Without fans Without fans
Working Temperature -10~+50°C -10~+50°C -10~+50°C -10~+50°C -10~+50°C
Working Humidity 10% to 50% 10% to 50% 10% to 50% 10% to 50% 10% to 50%
System Function of the Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Billboard
Function Configuration
Pixel Calibration Calibration data saved on data board without requirement of tiles 2nd generation Artemis product
Calibration data saved on tiles Standard configuration of all Artemis XT
Module Temperature Detection Standard configuration of all Artemis XT
Built-in Power Detection of the Module Selective Item
Loop Backup Single system Selective Item
Dual system
Module Control Panel Status Detection Standard configuration of all Artemis XT
Control System Communication Detection Standard configuration of all Artemis XT
Flat Cable Detection Selective Item
Humidity Detection Selective Item
Smoke Detection Selective Item
Pixel Detection Selective Item
Brightness Sensor Backup Selective Item
Signal Source Backup Selective Item
Built-in Signal Source of the Control System Selective Item
Installation Method

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