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    1. Artemis Plus Indoor Rental LED DisplayThe adoption of Gigabit Ethernet and redundant control technology allows the usability and stability of the wedding rental LED panel to be improved at an unprecedented rate.
    1. Helios Outdoor Rental LED DisplayIt can be P6, P8 or P10 full-color LED screen. The adoption of lightweight design and quick connection concept allows the product to be widely applied within the outdoor self-connecting rental industry.
    1. Apollo Indoor Rental LED DisplayThe standard cabinet structure designed by QSTECH allows the indoor LED screen and display to be loaded, transported, installed, disassembled and maintained more conveniently than before.

Rental LED Display

This page introduces our self-developed rental LED display including the Artemis Plus indoor type, Helios outdoor type, and the Apollo indoor type. As a leading Chinese LED screen manufacturer founded in 1992, QSTECH has accumulated rich experience in the production and sales of full color LED screens. We can offer professional rental LED screen solutions.

Multiple optional parameters include P2.5, P3, P5, P6, P8, P10, and more. The rental LED display is so popular that it has been widely applied in plaza, stage, exhibition, wedding, shopping malls, and other places. If you have any problem or question for our full color LED screen and display, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your arrival!