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SML LED Video Wall

1. The SML LED video wall is referred to Super Matrix LED video wall system. It is an ultra-large, high-definition digital display wall system that consists of true-color, high-density black LEDs.

2. The SML series LED video wall unit adopts the high-density, low-pitch SMD LED as its display panel. It supports seamless assembly so as to form a high-resolution digital video wall system. This system can fully meet the requirement for high definition when used in a wide range of applications such as broadcast television, command control, video surveillance, conference display, and more. Owing to its distinguished performance, it is leading the development trend of indoor display technology.

Characteristics of the LED Video Wall
1. Standard Modular Design, Seamless Assembly, and Highly Consistent Display
The LED video wall system supports any direction, size or shape of assembly. It never causes any black seam or the brightness difference between units. Conversely, this system can present a perfect visual effect.

Exquisite and standard modular construction guarantees the consistency of pixel pitch. Additionally, the LED screen and display can display uniform images without separation, black line, or missing information. It can truly realize that the whole screen is seamlessly assembled.

2. Zero Noise and Low Cost
This LED video wall system unit adopts efficient heat dissipation and fanless design, which can provide zero noise. With ultra-long lifetime of 100,000 hours, the product removes the need for replacing its light source, thus featuring low maintenance cost.

3. Adjustable-Brightness, Low-Brightness and High-Greyscale Display
Its brightness can be arbitrarily adjusted from 50cd/m2 to 1500cd/m2. Due to 16Bit high greyscale, the images displayed are layered and brilliant. Details can be perfectly presented without missing any information.

4. High Contrast, High Refresh Rate, and High Frame Rate
As a TV backdrop, the high-definition LED video wall can meet the need for fast-moving image display, depending on fast response speed. Its refresh rate reaches up to 3840KHz, and its contrast ratio reaches 200000:1. In addition, this product supports shutter 3D display, and its frame rate is 120Hz.

5. Adjustable Color Temperature
The color temperature of the system can be continuously adjusted by users in accordance with environment and industry characteristics. It varies from 2500K to 10000K. This LED color wall can satisfy users from different industries who have special color requirements in some applications, e.g., studio, virtual simulation, medical display etc.

6. Wide Viewing Angle and Point-by-Point Correction
Ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees is available in both vertical and horizontal directions. It allows audiences to obtain a superior display effect in all directions. By adoption of advanced point-by-point technology and color reproduction technology, the screen can present vivid colors via the synchronous adjustment of brightness and color.

7. Multi-Standard Signal Processing and High-Reliability Redundancy Design
Built-in image processing system enables the LED video wall to support multi-channel, multi-standard signal connection and control without any external image processor. In addition, this product adopts multi-layered redundancy design and dual-circuit signal hot backup. All units control and check the integrity of two-way signal inputs. The whole system can work continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technical Parameters of the LED Video Wall
Model SML-46-16 SML-55-19 SML-30-20 SML-32-25
Pixel Pitch 1.6 1.9 2 2.5
Brightness 50~800 50~800 50~800 50~1000
Brightness Adjustment Timing, manual, automatic Timing, manual, automatic Timing, manual, automatic Timing, manual, automatic
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Density 390625 277008 250000 160000
Viewing angle (@50% brightness) H140°/V120° H140°/V120° H140°/V120° H140°/V120°
Optimized Viewing Distance ≥1.6m ≥1.9m ≥2.0m ≥2.5m
Module Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 80×90 80×90 64×72 64×64
Module Size in mm (W×H) 128×144 152×171 128×144 160×160
Panel Size in Pixel Pitch (W×H) 320×360 320×360 320×216 256×192
Panel size in mm (W×H) 512×576 608×684 640×432 640×480
Weight/Panel (kg) 10 15 10 10
Refresh Rate 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz
Frame Frequency 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Gray Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit
Color Temperature 2000~9300K (Adjustable) 2000~9300K (Adjustable) 2000~9300K (Adjustable) 2000~9300K (Adjustable)
Drive Mode Dynamic scanning, constant current driving Dynamic scanning, constant current driving Dynamic scanning, constant current driving Dynamic scanning, constant current driving
IP Rating IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40
Maintenance Rear Rear Rear Rear
Lifetime 60000 hours 60000 hours 60000 hours 60000 hours
Power Supply AC110/220+10% 50/60Hz AC110/220+10% 50/60Hz AC110/220+10% 50/60Hz AC110/220+10% 50/60Hz
Max. Power Consumption 700 700 700 700
Working Temperature -10~+40°C -10~+40°C -10~+40°C -10~+40°C
Working Humidity 10%~80% 10%~80% 10%~80% 10%~80%

1. The product specification with an asterisk placed in the "Unit Model" of this table is undetermined.
2. XGA, SXGA+ and WUXGA respectively represents the resolution of 1024*768, 1400*1050 and 1920*1080.

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