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    1. Artemis XT Outdoor Fixed Installation LED BillboardThe housing of the cabinet is designed with stormwater channel. High-precision structural design allows the ultra thin LED display to have no mosaic. The module dissipates heat uniformly to extend the lifespan of the product.
    1. Artemis Indoor Fixed Installation LED DisplayAdditionally, this product is only 65mm in thickness and only 24kg/m2 in weight. Unique magnetic design allows the LED display screen to be maintained quite conveniently.
    1. Zeus Outdoor Fixed Installation LED DisplayIt can be used as an outdoor LED advertising screen in public squares, stadiums, shopping centers, and so forth. Also, it can act as an information center in transportation systems, stock markets, and more.
    1. Zeus Indoor Fixed Installation LED DisplayHigh resolution allows this Zeus series product to be specially suited for indoor applications. As a full-color high definition display, the product is widely applied in shopping malls, convention centers, stock exchange, supermarkets, stadiums, TV stations, and other places.
    1. Crius Indoor High Definition LED DisplayIt can be used extensively for dissemination of advertising information in cinemas, airports, stations, shopping malls and other places. Also, the street furniture LED display can be applied in indoor or semi-outdoor environments that call for no rain but high brightness.
    1. Crius Street Furniture LED DisplayIts water-proof stainless steel cabinet with automatic ventilation system makes the street furniture display adapt itself to various working environments. Strong security glass on both sides provides it good scratch resistance.
    1. Artemis Plus Indoor Rental LED DisplayThe adoption of Gigabit Ethernet and redundant control technology allows the usability and stability of the wedding rental LED panel to be improved at an unprecedented rate.
    1. Helios Outdoor Rental LED DisplayIt can be P6, P8 or P10 full-color LED screen. The adoption of lightweight design and quick connection concept allows the product to be widely applied within the outdoor self-connecting rental industry.
    1. Apollo Indoor Rental LED DisplayThe standard cabinet structure designed by QSTECH allows the indoor LED screen and display to be loaded, transported, installed, disassembled and maintained more conveniently than before.
    1. Ares LED Sports Perimeter BoardIt adopts lightweight design and also applies the latest Gigabit Ethernet and redundant control technology developed by QSTECH. As a result, both usability and stability of outdoor HD screen are significantly improved.
    1. Athena Transparent Outdoor LED Mesh DisplayTransparent design allows the LED mesh display to be mounted on the wall. The LED curtain wall display with IP66 rating has high brightness of 6500nits, thus being suitable for various outdoor fixed-installation environments.
    1. Athena Ghost Mirror Indoor LED DisplayThe Athena Ghost mirror LED display is a kind of low-resolution indoor display. It cleverly combines the decorative mirror effect of walls or columns with the LED display effect.
  • SML LED Video WallThis system can fully meet the requirement for high definition when used in a wide range of applications such as broadcast television, command control, video surveillance, conference display, and more.