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LED Advertising Screen Industry Solution

The LED advertising screen industry solution offered by QSTECH is a set of network-based LED integrated media publishing system, including the manufacture of ad listings, the release and broadcast of advertising programs, the information statistics and management, and the remote control of LED displays, among others.

This solution sets a LED panel as display terminal. Striking advantages include easy maintenance, flexible distribution area, superior-quality and amazing display, as well as strong adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Main Characteristics
1. Our advertising media industry solution adopts high-efficiency B/S management mode. All functions can be realized through a web browser like IE, thus helping advertising companies dramatically save investment in different aspects including management, maintenance, program resources, and more. There is no need to independently establish any control room. Also, on-site treatment and staff on duty are not required. We can offer a low-cost, intelligent platform for all-weather advertising release and management.
2. This LED display solution can help the advertising company publish large-scale advertisements in any place at any time, so as to guarantee the automation, promptness and safety of advertising information release, as well as the precise control of broadcast. It provides the advertising company with a powerful technology platform.
3. The solution removes the need for installing client software. Therefore, it not only simplifies the operation and installation of software, but also improves the operational efficiency of the system. Additionally, it offers concise operation interface, flexible program list, and the easy management and release of programs, thus being easily grasped by users.
4. This LED display solution adopts D3D and Shader technology in the video reprocessing and image stitching process. It gives full play to the potential of GUP technology. In terms of video processing, it can not only offer grayscale and color image processing functions, but also provide the function of 2D-based digital image processing, e.g., real-time image sharpening.

System Configuration