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Featured LED Display Solution

The featured LED display solution of QSTECH is a set of overall solution that provides large LED display works, building lighting decoration, and stage background. The full-color LED mesh display has no cabinet, and it takes advantage of framework connection. Unique louver design attributes to uniform transmittance, low wind resistance, and permeability of over 45%. Also, it does not affect lighting and ventilation.

This LED screen is a new type of display equipment, featuring light weight, simple structure, and full water-proof properties. Its display effect is characterized by high performance and superb light transmittance. The LED display can be conveniently assembled, disassembled and moved. It is also easily transported, installed and maintained, because its weight is only one third of that of a traditional screen.

Main Characteristics
1. The full color LED mesh display has capacity to display dynamic images and large text. It is applicable to various large places.
2. This solution can well facilitate brand promotion, products/services introduction, and commercial information transmission. Also, it can highlight the characteristics of architectural modeling. The solution perfectly combines the environmental features of the entire region with buildings. It makes the exterior eye-catching and also draws much attention of the audience.
3. This product can work normally at a temperature range from -30 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius. It gives the advantages of smooth video flow and high definition images.

System Configuration