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Information Release Solutions
SML LED Video Wall Solution

Different from architecture solution 1, this LED display solution adopts an external image processor to form a dual-signal backup system. The system is a combination of external image processing and built-in image processing, which meets the requirement for high-safety applications.

Indoor and Outdoor Full Color LED Display Solution

The universal display solution of QSTECH is based on a multimedia computer. The adoption of standard interface design allows users to expand the LED display system in accordance with their actual needs. This system has capacity to support multiple animation formats such as Flash, AVI, and more.

The LED screen offers an information release solution, which can be widely applied in stations, banks, and the information scheduling and display media. It is used for the transmission and display of different messages such as train numbers, finance, scheduling, and more. This product gives citizens much convenience and also realizes rational urban planning.

Main Features
1. The LED screen can be used in government departments for information dissemination. For instance, it is suitable for the public release of government information.
2. When used at stations or in the finance industry, the LED display can timely offer the latest and most complete information, thus providing much convenience.
3. The traffic guidance system is perfect for timely transmission and display of both traffic and weather information, which enables our life to be much easier and safer than before.
4. If used for scientific and cultural information spreading, the LED panel will improve urban image and also enrich the cultural life of citizens.

Application Styles of the LED Screen

1. Traffic Guidance System
The traffic guidance system gives strong resistance to rain, dust, wind and hail. It can report traffic information in real time, thus being the best platform for traffic guidance.

2. Government Information Publicity System
The LED display is installed by government agencies or large enterprises in noticeable positions of office buildings, so as to publish internal enterprise information and promote public images. It helps the government effectively promote the transparency of public information and then improve its image.

3. Banking and Securities Information Dissemination System
The LED display signs installed by various business halls can timely publish enterprise information and real-time information by adoption of a specific network platform inside a bank. They have the functions of propagating corporate culture and raising brand images.

4. Community Information Dissemination System
This kind of LED display is established in large-sized concentrated areas such as shopping malls, real estate quarters, software parks, industrial parks, and more. It has capacity to improve service level and the level of property management. Also, it can expand the public information dissemination channels and promote the park image.

5. Hospital Information Dissemination System
The large LED screen is installed in noticeable positions to propagandize the knowledge of the disease and health. As a result, it can not only help hospitals shape a brand image and disseminate a healthy lifestyle, but also have the function of advocating good habits. Broadcasting scenic films or other programs is beneficial to patients. It helps patients regulate mood and also builds a good atmosphere for treatment.