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Rental LED Display Solution

When used for live broadcast, the rental LED display solution can offer ultra-large and high-definition images. It has no seat restriction, enabling the audience to easily watch a performance from a great distance. Therefore, the product gives our audience an audio-visual feast. The artistic conception of performance is maximized by providing highlights, slow motion playback, close-up shot, and varied stage backgrounds. A perfect combination of vivid pictures and awesome music creates a dreamy stage background.

1. The most suitable LED display solution can be customized in accordance with onsite environments and the requirements of customers.
2. The light-weight and ultra-thin LED panel can be fast installed and disassembled within a short time.
3. It supports signal lines from any direction to meet the need for arranging and placing different cabinets, and also create different types of images.
4. The LED display screen is equipped with a specialized video processor to support different signals such as AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI, etc.
5. Supporting 256 brightness levels and user-defined white balance adjustment allows the mixed-use LED screens of different batches to come true.
6. Strong water resistance and IP65 protection rating makes the product suitable for outdoor rental applications.
7. Owing to high refresh rate, the rental LED display meets the need for shooting in different places and also effectively prevents the flickering phenomenon during shooting.
8. Equipped with various types of flight case, it gives much convenience for storing and transporting a cabinet, and also has the function of protecting the LED screen.
9. Other features of the full color LED screen include convenient installation and easy maintenance. We also provide special control systems and professional technical training.

QSTECH has focused on the development of rental products for nearly 20 years. Our product catalogue spans from the initial APOLLO HELIOS to the newly developed Artemis plus, Ares, upgraded Helios, and the Helios outdoor surface-mounted device. QSTECH never stops stepping forward. We are devoted to providing customers with the highest price to performance ratio of solutions. Depending on high-quality pictures and stable system, the rental LED display offered by QSTECH has been appraised by numerous clients.

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