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LED Display Industry Solutions
LED Advertising Screen Industry Solution

The LED advertising screen industry solution offered by QSTECH is a set of network-based LED integrated media publishing system, including the manufacture of ad listings, the release and broadcast of advertising programs, the information statistics and management, and the remote control of LED displays, among others.

Sports LED Display Industry Solution

A multi-functional modern stadium can be used to hold all sorts of sports games, large-scale entertainment activities and gatherings, etc. Therefore, the huge LED display for stadium is requested to be rich, diversified and real-time. It has become an essential supporting facility in modern stadiums as its application technology is continuously developed and improved.

Information Release Solutions

The LED screen offers an information release solution, which can be widely applied in stations, banks, and the information scheduling and display media. It is used for the transmission and display of different messages such as train numbers, finance, scheduling, and more. This product gives citizens much convenience and also realizes rational urban planning.

Featured LED Display Solution

The featured LED display solution of QSTECH is a set of overall solution that provides large LED display works, building lighting decoration, and stage background. The full-color LED mesh display has no cabinet, and it takes advantage of framework connection.

Rental LED Display Solution

When used for live broadcast, the rental LED display solution can offer ultra-large and high-definition images. It has no seat restriction, enabling the audience to easily watch a performance from a great distance. Therefore, the product gives our audience an audio-visual feast.