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Sports LED Display Industry Solution

A multi-functional modern stadium can be used to hold all sorts of sports games, large-scale entertainment activities and gatherings, etc. Therefore, the huge LED display for stadium is requested to be rich, diversified and real-time. It has become an essential supporting facility in modern stadiums as its application technology is continuously developed and improved. QSTECH can provide the global clients with complete and reliable LED display solutions for stadium applications by virtue of abundant experience, first-class technology, and perfect services.

The LED perimeter board used for advertising is mainly installed around a football pitch. Controlled by system software, it can realize the repeatedly broadcasting of advertisements, accompanied with rich content and high performance.

Main Characteristics

1. Compatibility with Multiple Input Methods
The LED display screens for stadium can be used for true-color, real-time rebroadcast with a camcorder. Also, they have capacity to rebroadcast TV and satellite TV show. The product supports various self-made video signals such as VCD, DVD, LD, etc. It also supports different formats like PAL, NTSC, and more.

The LED screen can display all kinds of graphics and text from a computer, as well as different information from public information network or interior stadium information network. Additionally, this product can not only realize superimposed text messages on TV, but also allow video images to be overlapped with text, pictures, animation, etc. When used for theatrical performances and large gatherings, it can broadcast related background images and others.

2. Colorful Graphics and Text, as well as Various Broadcast Methods
The LED screen can display text, graphics, patterns, animation and others, while simultaneously giving the function of broadcasting different proportions of pictures and text. In addition, it has the functions of panning, scrolling, rotating, wiping, sliding curtain, single/multi-line translation, flipping, moving, zooming, flickering, and more.

This LED screen must be well compatible with different languages so as to hold a large-scale international sports events and activities. For instance, it can display English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, etc. It also displays numbers and a variety of text. Additionally, multiple optional fonts and steplessly-adjusted text are available.

3. LED Display Control Technology
The huge LED display for stadium is a large facility used for athletics. It is controlled in combination with industrial advanced technologies including static latch technology, white balance technology, non-linear correction technology, high grey level technology, color uniformity technology, video processing technology, fast-moving image compensation technology, fully automatic control technology, and more.

4. Guaranteed Design, Installation and Commissioning
Stadium LED display screens are generally used for sports events and large-scale activities. Any fault or mistake may cause a great influence, so stable-quality projects are requested by users. For better guaranteeing the stable and reliable operation of LED screens, quality must be prioritized when the product is designed, produced, installed, commissioned, delivered and used. It is necessary to ensure the whole production process with effective quality control system.

System Configuration